Journal Entry From February 28, 2008

Thursday February 28, 2008 - a journal entry from Willie.

"The late hour setting sun lights up the canyon entrance in a orange glow. Making the sheep look vibrant and distinctive. Again I feel rewarded of my journey of the day. Just than, I hear a low, slow, inquisitive howl... wolves are about. Thinking the howl is from the north I leave the canyon and peer about. Unfortunately, the howl was bouncing off the canyon wall. The wolves are south. And I've exposed my position. One sits watching me, and the others quickly run away. The curious one continues with a slow quiet howl. Almost mournful intone. It finally departs and I head in their direction. By the time I get to their location their about a quarter mile or more away, heading do south on the bar. I see 2 of them coming from the Toklat Ranger cabin. And the largest of them all, coming from the road running extremely fast from the exact direction of my trail to the cabin. I'm watching them gather all together- 6 in all- as they continue south. Denali immaculate above them in a white halo surrounding its entire outline. Never will I forget the beauty of this sight. And a feeling of exhilaration brought over me.

The cabin trail, one large wolf has gone 30 feet up and scratched 8 piercing claw marks throughout the trail. My hand the size of his extended claws. Back at the cabin, taking off my snowshoes, the hollowing began. First one, then a chorus filled throughout the bar of the Toklat. They sang together in slight different pitches. The harmony was natural and their presence was known. Another day out on the Toklat. Mother nature comes to me..."

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